Index of English Cathedral Tombs

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This page lists some of the tombs and monuments that can be found in English Cathedrals from the Medieval to Early 20th Century.


Ely Cathedral


Hugh de Northwold tomb


Bishop Hugh de Northwold (d1254). Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.




Bishop William Kilkenny (d1257). Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.



Louis of Luxemboug tomb

Louis of Luxemboug (d1443). Ely cathedral, Cambridgeshire.




Bishop Martin Heton (1609) - Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.





Sir Robert Steward (d1570) monument  - Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire




Monument to Dean Henry Ceasar - Ely, Cambridgeshire.





Monument to Bishop Peter Gunning (d1684) - Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.



Bishop Joseph Allen (1845) monument


 Bishop Joseph Allen (1845) monument. Ely Cathedral Cambridgeshire.





Canon Hodge Mill Monument - Ely Cathedral


Canon Hodge Mill (d1853) Monument - Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.



Bishop Woodford Monument - Ely Cathedral

Bishop Woodford (d1885) Monument - Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.




Gloucester Cathedral


Robert Curthose (d1134) - Gloucester Cathedral





Thomas Machen (d1614) and family. Gloucester Cathedral.




Elizabeth Williams (d1622). Gloucester Cathedral.




Margery Clent (d1623). Gloucester Cathedral.





Judge John Powell (d1714). Gloucester Cathedral.





Sarah Morley (d1784) and child. Gloucester Cathedral.




Hereford Cathedral



Joanna de Bohun (d1337) - Hereford Cathedral.




Baron Peter de Grandison (d1358) - Hereford Cathedral





Sir Richard Pembridge (1375) - Hereford Cathedral




Bishop John Stanbury (d1474). Hereford Cathedral.




Bishop Richard Mayew (d1516) - Hereford Cathedral.



Alexander Denton (d1576) and wife Anne (d1566). Hereford cathedral.




Lichfield Cathedral



Sleeping Children (c1817) - Lichfield Cathedral



Canon John Gylby Lonsdale (1907) - Lichfield Cathedral



Peterborough Cathedral


Two effigies of unknown Benedictine abbots. Peterborough Cathedral.



Alexander de Holderness (d1226) - Peterborough Cathedral.



Catherine of Aragon (d1536). Peterborough Cathedral.




Thomas Deacon (d1720). Peterborough Cathedral.




Lewis Clayton (d1917) - Peterborough Cathedral



Salisbury Cathedral


William Longespee (d1226) Earl of Salisbury - Salisbury Cathedral.



Bishop Walter de la Wyle (d1271). Salisbury Cathedral.




Bishop Walter de la Corner (d1291). Salisbury Cathedral.



Unknown 14C cross legged knight. Salisbury Cathedral.



Robert Hungerford (d1464). Salisbury Cathedral.



Lord John Cheney (d1499) - Salisbury Cathedral.




Bishop Walter Kerr Hamilton (d1869). Salisbury Cathedral.





Worcester Cathedral


 Monument to Robert de Harcourt (d1202) - Worcester Cathedral




King John (d1216) - Worcester Cathedral



Bishop William de Blois (d1236). Worcester Cathedral.


Bishop Walter de Cantelupe (d1266). Worcester Cathedral.




Lady of the Gifford family (c1300). Worcester Cathedral.




Bishop Thomas de Cobham (d1327). Worcester Cathedral.




John Beauchamp (d1388) and wife Joan. Worcester Cathedral





Tomb of Arthur Tudor (d1502) and Chantry chapel - Worcester Cathedral.




Prior William Moore (c1545). Worcester Cathedral.




Bishop Edmund Freke (d1591) - Worcester Cathedral.





Richard Eedes (d1604). Worcester Cathedral.





Robert Wylde (d1607) and wife. Worcester Cathedral.




Abigail Goldsborough (d1613) - Worcester Cathedral.





John Moor (d1613) and wife Anne. Worcester Cathedral.




Bishop John Gauden. Worcester Cathedral.





Bishop James Johnson (d1774). Worcester Cathedral.





Sir Thomas Street (d1696). Worcester Cathedral.





Charlotte Elizabeth Digby (d1820). Worcester Cathedral.




Lord George Lyttelton (d1876) - Worcester Cathedral





Richard Solly (d1803). Worcester Cathedral.




Col Sir Henry Walton Ellis (d1815). Worcester Cathedral.