Lord John Cheney Monument - Salisbury Cathedral

walwyn Tue, 06/21/2011 - 23:05
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Lord John Cheney


Lord John Cheney (d1499) was originally a supporter of the House of York, and was made a Knight of the Bath by Edward IV at the coronation of Elizabeth Woodville. By 1483 he had become a Lancastrian supporter who supported the Duke of Buckingham's rebellion against Richard III, and was a leader of the Salisbury Rising.1 When the rebellion failed he joined Henry Tudor in Brittany and returned with him from France in 1485. He was one of Henry Tudor's bodyguards at the the Battle of Bosworth where he recovered Henry's standard after its bearer was killed, and was wounded by Richard III before Richard himself was killed and Henry Tudor proclaimed king.


He was given the title Lord Cheney in 1487, and later made Master of Horse, a Garter Knight, and Privy Councillor.


Lord John Cheney, Lancasterian livery


His effigy in Salisbury Cathedral shows him wearing a chain of office known as the Collar of Esses, that was first given by John of Gaunt as an unofficial honour to his supporters.