Sir Richard Pembridge - Hereford Cathedral

walwyn Sat, 05/14/2011 - 21:02
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Tomb of Richard Pembridge, Medieval tomb of Garter Knight


Sir Richard Pembridge (d1375) was one of the earliest Knights of the Garter, being elected following the death of Thomas Ufford in 1368.1 He was present at all of Edward III's major victories during the Hundred Years War: Battle of Sluys (1340), Battle of Crécy (1346), the Siege of Calais (1347), and Poiters (1356) where he fought alongside the Black Prince.


In his will, that he made after being appointed a Garter Knight, he ordered that his body should be "buried in Hereford Cathedral, between two pillars of freestone before the image of the Virgin Mary on the south side", He also gave instructions as to the the construction of his tomb.


His tomb is that of a Garter Knight, dressed in mail and plate armour, his head resting on a tilting helm wih a wreath of roses and a plume of feathers.


Tomb of Richard Pembridge


Tomb of Richard Pembridge