Life of Saint Taurin 3

walwyn Fri, 01/20/2012 - 21:28
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15th century stained glass depicting events in the life of St Taurin and the discovery of his relics by St Landulfe. The window contains 4 panels related to St Taurin and two other panels, one depicting the Virgin Mary breastfeeding Jesus, the other is of St Nicholas.


French medieval stained glass Whipped


This first window shows St Taurin being whipped at Gisay after having destroyed temples and statues of the pagan Gods. The hands of his tormentors were said to have withered. There is a legend that an ancient hazel in Gisay grew from a branch that was used to whip St Taurin and that families without finger nails are descendants of those that whipped him.


French medieval stained glass Mother St Taurin


Mother of St Taurin looking on at his whipping.


French medieval stained glass St Landulfe praying


A couple of centuries later the hermit St Landulfe prayed for guidance as to where Taurin had been buried.


French medieval stained glass Discovery of relics


Having been shown where St Taurin was buried, his relics were taken back to the abbey at Evreux. In 1247 the abbot of Evreux, Gislebert de Saint-Martin, had a reliquary made of silver gilt on wood, to contain Taurin's remains.


French medieval stained glass Virgin and Christ


French medieval stained glass St Nicholas


The bottom two panels in this window depict the Vigin Mary suckling Jesus, and St Nicholas reviving the three butchered boys.