Life of Saint Taurin 1

walwyn Thu, 01/19/2012 - 00:24
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Annunciation of the birth of Saint Taurin


The abbey church of Saint-Taurin in Evreux contains three mid 15th century stained glass windows in the apse. These panels tell the story of Saint Taurin, the first bishop of Evreux.


According to legend an angel announced to his mother that her unborn son would accomplish great things.

Taurin Baptised by St Clement


After he was born he is supposed to have been baptised by Pope Clement I whilst St Denis held him. Unfortunately this creates some what of an anachronism as Pope Clement dies in about 100 AD and St Denis is a 3rd century figure.


French medieval stained glass


Taurin was sent as a missionary to northern France and on arriving at Evreux was confronted by devils in the shape of wild animals, that were said to represent the pagan religions.


French medieval stained glass Bishop of Evreux


The legend of Saint Taurin says that having converted many people to Christianity he became the first bishop of Evreux.


Casting out a Demon


He is also supposed to have cast out a demon that was hiding within the statue of Diana, and that having done so converted the temple into a church.


French medieval stained glass death


Saint Taurin was given a premonition of his impeding death and the invasion of the Franks. After mass he gave encouragement to his congregation and then died.