Life of Saint Taurin 2

walwyn Wed, 01/25/2012 - 23:06
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Resurrecting Euphrasia


This mid 15th century window in the church of Saint-Taurin, Evreux, contains six scenes telling part of the legend of his life. This first panel tells the part of the legend where he resurrected a girl that had been burnt to death by a devil, on being brought back to life she was apparently unmarked.


Baptisms after Euphrasia


After bringing Euphrasia back to life, St Taurin baptised 120 local people.


Saving Marinus


At another time Taurin brought back to life Marinus, the son of the local consul Licinius, who had died falling down a hole.


saint-taurin 049


Having had their son restored to them Licinius, his wife Leonille and Marinus were all baptised.


Angel foretells Taurin's Death


An angel tells Taurin of his impending death.


Death of Taurin


The death of St Taurin and his soul being taken up to heaven by angels.