St Leufredus - Evreux

walwyn Tue, 01/24/2012 - 23:12
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St. Leufroy teaching 19th century stained glass


19th century stained glass of St. Leufroy (Leufredus) who was the founder 8th century of the Benedictine monastery at La-Croix Saint-Ouen, some 13km from Evreux. Leufroy grew up in Evreux and for a time was a teacher in the town.


Studying at Saint-Taurin


It was at the monastery of Saint Taurin in Evreux that he began his studies.


St. Leufroy being made a priest


He left Evreux because he had heard of the the famed abbot of Rouen St. Sidonius, and at Rouen he became a monk.


Bread to the poor


Healing the sick


After he established the monastery, at La-Croix Saint-Ouen, he became by all accounts rather severe in his dealings with others in his Christian zeal. For example he is said to cursed a woman that made fun of his baldness so that her hair fell out, that he cursed the land that peasant worked on a Sunday so that it became barren, and that he refused to have buried on consecrated ground a monk that had three coins when he died.