Thomas de Beauchamp Tomb - Warwick, Warwickshire

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Thomas de Beauchamp Katherine Mortimer earl of warwick


Tomb of Thomas de Beauchamp 11th Earl of Warwick (d1369) and wife Katherine Mortimer (d1369). The clasped hands between husband and wife on monuments is rare and lasted only between 1360-1460, most examples date from 1390-1410.1


Thomas was a military commander during the Hundred Years War, and Marshall of England2 from 1343/4 until his death. He commanded at the Battle of Crécy in 13463, and fought at the Battle of Poitiers (1356),4 where King John II of France (Jean le Bon) was captured and taken prisoner to England.5


Thomas de Beauchamp died in Calais, on 13 November 1369. His wife had died three months earlier.


Thomas was two years old when his father died and custody of his land and rights to his marriage were granted to Hugh Despenser the elder a favourite of Edward II. Thomas' father was Guy de Beauchamp 10th Earl of Warwick, one of the 21 Lords Ordainers that had been elected in 1310 to reform the kingdom and the King's household6, and implicated in the execution of Piers Gaveston7. Before his death Guy de Beauchamp had arranged the marriage between Thomas and the daughter of Roger Mortimer. In 1322 Mortimer led a rebellion against Edward II and the Despensers, was caught and imprisoned8, but escaped to France in August 13239. In 1326 he invaded England along with Edward's wife Queen Isobella and deposed Edward II in favour of Edward III10, it was at this time Thomas and Katherine were eventually married.


The tomb consists of two effigies with angels at the heads and bears at their feet. The effigy of Thomas has him in military costume whilst the effigy of Katherine has her wearing a frilled veil, with a 'checker' or ‘honeycomb’ pattern, the details of which are described here. Around the sides of the tomb are figures of mourners in the costume of the times.


Tomb of Thomas de Beauchamp


Effigy of Thomas de Beauchamp


Katherine Mortimer wife of Thomas de Beauchamp


Mourners - Thomas de Beauchamp tomb


Mourners - Thomas de Beauchamp tomb


Mourners - Thomas de Beauchamp tomb

Mourner - Thomas de Beauchamp tomb