17th century church monuments

walwyn Thu, 08/13/2009 - 19:57
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Memorial brass to Alban Butler, aston le walls northamptonshire


Memorial brass to Alban Butler (1609). Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire.



Bridget Wyrley (d1637). Dodford Northamptonshire.




Memorial brass to Frances Benyon (1687). Wolfhampcote, Warwickshire.




Tomb chests and Effigies



Tomb of Thomas Lucy (d1600) and his wife Joyce (d1595) - Charlecote, Warwickshire.



Tomb of Elizabeth Knightley (d1602) - Norton, Northamptonshire.




Richard Eedes (d1604). Worcester Cathedral.




Tomb of Thomas Lucy (d1605) and his wife Constance - Charlecote, Warwickshire.




Robert Wylde (d1607) and wife. Worcester Cathedral.




Bishop Martin Heton (1609) - Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.


Thomas Cave and Wife (d1613) - Stanford-on-Avon, Northamptonshire




Abigail Goldsborough (d1613) - Worcester Cathedral.





Thomas Machen (d1614) and family. Gloucester Cathedral.




Elizabeth Williams (d1622). Gloucester Cathedral.




Dorothy St. John Tomb (d1630) - Stanford-on-Avon, Northamptonshire



Monument to Dean Henry Ceasar - Ely, Cambridgeshire.




Monument to John Needham (d1618) - Litchborough, Northamptonshire



John Poulteney Tomb (d1637) - Misterton, Leicestershire



Monument to Thomas Lucy (d1640) and his wife Alice - Charlecote, Warwickshire





Effigy of Captain Henry Kingsmill (d1642) - Radway, Warwickshire




Monument to Bishop Peter Gunning (d1684) - Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.




Wall monuments




Richard Cave (d1606 Padua). Stanford-on-Avon, Northamptonshire.




John Moor (d1613) and wife Anne. Worcester Cathedral.




Knightley family Monument (1566-1619). St. Mary's church Fawsley, Northamptonshire





Monument to William Peyto (d1619), and his wife Eleanor - Chesterton, Warwickshire.




Margery Clent (d1623). Gloucester Cathedral.




Monument to Nicholas Breton (d1624) - Norton, Northamptonshire.




Canon Guilain Lucas (d1628) - Amiens Cathedral



Memorial to Elizabeth Verney (d1633) - Norton, Northamptonshire.




Monument to Brian I'Anson (d1634). Ashby St. Legders, Northamptonshire




Charles Dixwell Monument (1641) - Churchover, Warwickshire





Jean de Sachy (d1644). Amiens Cathedral France.





Edward Peyto (d1643) and Elizabeth his wife - Chesterton, Warwickshire.




Monument to Nicholas Breton (d1658) and his wife - Norton, Northamptonshire.




Bishop John Gauden. Worcester Cathedral.




Monument to Elizabeth Orme (d1692) - Aston-le-Walls, Northamptonshire.