John Beauchamp of Holt and Wife - Worcester Cathedral

walwyn Sat, 05/07/2011 - 18:40
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Medieval effigy of John Beauchamp


Tomb of John Beauchamp of Holt and his wife Joan. He was tried and convicted of treason by the Merciless Parliament in 1388, then hanged and beheaded at Tower Hill.1


He had been a favourite of Edward III2 and rose to become one of Richard II King of England's Household Knights. In 1387 he was made steward of Royal Household by Richard II in defiance of parliament who had claimed the sole right to appoint the steward. In addition Richard II also created the title of Baron and made him Lord of Beauchamp and Baron of Kidderminster by letters patent.3


In 1388 the parliament summoned by the Lords Appellant impeached a number of Richard's favourites and advisors, who were accused of having taken advantage of his youth, as a measure to restrain what was considered Richard's tyrannical rule.4 Within a year Richard II had, with the help of his uncle John of Gaunt, reasserted his rule.5


Medieval tomb and effigy of John Beauchamp and Wife


Medieval tomb and effigy of John Beauchamp and Wife