Effigy of Bishop Thomas de Cobham - Worcester Cathedral

walwyn Sun, 08/14/2011 - 01:14
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Thomas de Cobham


Purbeck marble effigy of Bishop Thomas de Cobham (d1327).1 When Archbishop Robert Winchelsey died in 1313, the monks of Canterbury elected Thomas to replace him. However, Edward II disputed the appointment and asked Pope Clement V to appoint his friend, and the godfather to his son Edward, Walter Reynolds, who was then bishop of Worcester. On the 1st of October 1313 Clement overturned the monks and appointed Reynolds as Archbishop of Canterbury.2 Cobham became bishop of Worcester in 1317.3


At the parliament that was summoned in January 1327 to decide the fate of Edward II of England, Thomas was one of the few there to speak in favour of Edward.


Thomas de Cobham died on the 27th of August 1327.3