Months of the Year - July to December

walwyn Sun, 03/25/2012 - 00:47
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July Medieval Stained Glass Chartres


The left hand side of the Zodiac window at Chartres Cathedral contains the twelve months of the year. The panels here depicting July to December, were donated by count Thibault VI on behalf of Thomas of Perche.1


The central quatrefoil in this panel shows grain being harvested by a man with a sickle.


August Medieval Stained Glass Chartres


The panel for August displays a bare chested man threshing the grain harvest, a wheatsheaf can be seen in the background along with a rake.


September Medieval Stained Glass Chartres


September brings wine making, and in this panel two men press the grapes that one of them is cutting from the vine.


October Medieval Stained Glass Chartres


The panel for October shows a man pouring a jug of wine into a barrel.


November December Medieval Stained Glass Chartres


The last two panels for November and December are both labelled December. The panel for November shows a pig being fattened on acorns, whilst a man stands besides it with an axe about to strike. The December panel shows a man at a table laid out for a feast.