Noah Window

walwyn Sun, 03/11/2012 - 21:42
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Noah Window Chartres


This early 13th century window depicts the story of Noah, was donated to the Cathedral of Chartres by the town's carpenters, wheelwrights, and coopers.1


Around the top of the window are censing angels. In the centre God is and underneath a rainbow are a kneeling Noah and his wife. In the panel below and to the right Noah's sons and their wives are also kneeling, whilst to the left a vines are being tended, and wine being made. At the far right Noah is drinking the wine, and the central bottom panel he is seen cursing Ham, with Shem and Japheth standing to his right.


Noah Medieval Stained Glass Chartres Cathedral


The top centre and right scenes in this section of the window show the animals leaving the ark. The scene at the top left shows a vulture tearing flesh from a corpse.


The second central ark show a dove being released and the panel on the right shows it finding land. The rest of the panels around the ark show peopple having been drowned in the flood.


At the bottom of this section of the window, animals are arriving at the ark, and the ark floats away as the flood waters rise.


Noah Medieval Stained Glass Chartres Cathedral


Starting at the bottom of the lower part of the window the panels show the carpenters, wheelwrights and coopers that were the donors of the window. Above them are the antediluvian giants, sons of God that had become corrupt. In the centre God is instructing Noah to build an ark. Noah's sons and his wife and his sons wives are above this. At the top of this lower section Noah is shown building the ark.