Hugh le Despenser, 2nd Baron le Despenser - Tewkesbury Abbey

walwyn Sat, 08/20/2011 - 21:32
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Hugh Despenser Medieval Tomb


Tomb of [no-glossary]Hugh le Despenser, 2nd Baron le Despencer[/no-glossary] (d1349), and Elizabeth Montacute (d1359) at Tewkesbury Abbey. Hugh was the son of Hugh Despenser the Younger and Eleanor de Clare, who installed the stained glass in the chancel. Both his father and grandfather had been executed in 1326 by Queen Isabella of France and Roger Mortimer when Edward II was deposed.1 Hugh fought for Edward III at the Battle of Sluy, in Brittany (1342),2 and at the Battle of Crécy,3 and was given back his grandfather's title Baron Despenser in 1338. He died without having children in 1349 and the title 'baron Despenser' became extinct until it was recreated in 1375 and given to his nephew Edward Despenser.


Elizabeth Despenser  Medieval Tomb


This tomb of Hugh and Elizabeth, in the chancel of Tewkesbury Abbey, is of alabaster and the effigies are portraits of them both. The canopy once contained 26 statutes and was considered one of the finest in England. Both Hugh and Elizabeth were benefactors of the Abbey, they had built the chapels around the chancel and had the roof vaulted in stone. After Hugh's death Elizabeth remarried Guy de Bryan whose effigy is also in the Abbey although he was not buried there.4


Hugh Despenser Medieval Tomb