Coronation of Henry III of England 1216

walwyn Sat, 07/23/2011 - 20:31
Friday, October 28, 1216

Following the death of his father King John of England, the coronation of Henry III took place at St Peter's Abbey (later cathedral), Gloucester, on the 28th of October 1216. The coronotaion was performed by Peter des Roches and the papal legate Guala of Bicchieri. Henry was first knighted by William Marshal as only knights could become king.1 His father's death occurred during the First Baron's War, and the Baron's and prince Louis of France controlled much of the south of the country.

As Henry was a small child of 9 years old when his father died, the 70 year old William Marshal was appointed regent.23 A few days later Magna Charta was reissued in the name of Henry III.4 Due to his age the invasion of Louis of France, and the baronial rebellion, was seen to be a usurpation,5 and William lead an attack against the rebel barons at Lincoln castle in 1217. He then convinced them to change sides and support the young king rather than Louis.6

Because Pope Honorius III did not consider that the first coronation had been conducted properly, a second coronation was performed, in Westminster Abbey, on 17 May 1220.7