Battle of Lincoln 1217

walwyn Fri, 02/08/2019 - 22:59
Saturday, May 20, 1217

The second Battle of Lincoln took place, between the barons supporting Prince Louis of France and the supporters of the ten year old King Henry III of England, on the 20th of May 1217.1

The city of Lincoln was held by forces loyal to Louis and led by the Count of Perche with an army of 600 knights and several thousand infantry,2 whilst the castle was held by forces loyal to the young Henry III. On the 12th of May William Marshal marched a force of 407 knights, 317 crossbowmen, and their men-at-arms, from Newark to Lincoln arriving on the morning of the May 20th.1 Circling around the town they arrived from the north. The crossbowmen entered the castle's west gate and took up positions on the castle walls firing at the besiegers below that were in the open space between the castle and the cathedral. Meanwhile some of William Marshal's forces attacked the cities north gate. A gate in the north west wall had been blocked with masonry and whilst the forces of Count of Perche were occupied with defending the north gate the rubble was cleared which allowed William's main force to enter the town.3 In all the battle lasted six hours during which the Count of Perche was killed.1.

Following the victory at Lincoln, negotiation for peace with Louis began. Although he had managed to raise the siege at Dover and return to London, most of the English barons that had fought against King John declared for the young King Henry III.1