Tympanum - Saint-Maclou Rouen

walwyn Sun, 08/08/2021 - 16:24
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The building of the church of Saint-Maclou in Rouen was started in 1432 and completed in 1517. Commisioned by the merchants of Rouen  during the English occupation, the Architect attributed to its building was Pierre Robin. The building style is Flambouant Gothic and a number of features are copied from Rouen's cathedral.


The tympanum above the central porch depicts Christ in Majesty at the Last Judgement in four registers.

The top two register has Christ in Majesty surrounded by angels at his feet are the twelve apostles, in the register below are the patriarchs and doctors of the church.


The bottom two registers contain images of the doctors of the church, and at the bottom are scenes from thye last judghement.


The people rising from their graves are being separated to right and left of Christs. On his right hand angels conduct them to salvation, whilst on Christ's the left hand side demons conduct them to damnation.

Angels sheparding risen souls towards salvation.



The damned roasting in hell fire.