Founder's window

walwyn Tue, 11/15/2011 - 23:39
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medieval stained glass, Saint werstan


High up in the clerestory of the north wall of the chancel, are a sequence of stained glass panels documenting the legend and founding of the priory at Great Malvern.


According to the legend St Werstan escaped from Deerhurst Abbey was attacked and burnt by Danes some time in the 9th or 10th century. In a vision he was led by angels to spot in the Malvern Woods, where he built a chapel.


medieval stained glass, Saint werstan


The next panel in the upper section of the window shows the angels dedicating the chapel.


medieval stained glass, Edward the Confessor


The third light is Edward the Confessor granting a charter, as the land was owned by Westminster Abbey.


medieval stained glass, Martyrdom of St Werstan


The last panel in the upper part of the window shows St Werstan being killed by two men with drawn swords.


medieval stained glass, Wulstan gives a blessing


In 1085 a Worcester monk called Aldwin with the blessing of Wulstan , the bishop of Worcester, founded a monastery on the site of St Werstan's chapel.


medieval stained glass, William I giving a charter to Aldwin.


William the Conqueror grants a charter to create a priory.


medieval stained glass, Donor presenting gift

medieval stained glass, Donor presenting gift


Osbern Fitzpon, William, Earl of Gloucester, and Bernard, Earl of Hereford make donations to the priory.