Story of Noah Spandrels - Bourges Cathedral

walwyn Thu, 01/06/2022 - 21:30
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Decorated in about 1240 the spandrels below the portal of St Stephen at Bourges Cathedral contain sculpures depicting the story of Noah. In the image above Noah has built the Ark.



Noah and his family bring two of each unclean and 7 of each clean animal into the Ark.



Having brought the animals into the Ark, Noah and his family enter as the rains start to fall.



The rains fall and the land is flood drowning all the people and animals



The rain finally stops having drowned all the worlds inhabitants and animals.



Noah releases a dove from the Ark and when it fails to return he knows that the waters are receeding and dry land is nearby.



When the Ark comes to rest on Mount Ararat, Noah disembarks, with his family and releases the animals.


Noah and his family plant a vinyard.and make wine.

Noah having drunk too much wine falls asleep and is discovered naked by his sons.