The Last Judgement

walwyn Fri, 07/15/2011 - 20:49
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Medieval Stained Glass Chancel Tewkesbvury Abbey


This medieval window in the chancel of Tewkesbury dates from 1338. The main panels depicts the Last Judgement, and the Coronation of the Virgin is the subject of the rose window.


The Christ is in the central panel and the Virgin Mary is on his right. Both sit on a rainbow. On Christ's left hand is St Michael in robe of green and yellow. The far left window shows John the Baptist and St Peter, the window on the right contains images of St Paul and the apostles.


Resurrect Souls - Tewkesbury Abbey Medieval Stained Glass


Below these figures are four panels that depict the Last Judgement on Christ's right hand are those that are saved.


Damned Souls - Tewkesbury Abbey Medieval Stained Glass


Whilst on his left hand are the damned being driven by an angel and dragged to hell by a devil.


Angels Raising the Dead Tewkesbury Abbey Medieval Stained Glass


The other two panels show angels blowing trumpets to raise the dead.