Pope Gregory IX Issues Bull Banning the Teaching of Aristotle's Works 1231

walwyn Sat, 05/16/2020 - 00:51
Wednesday, July 30, 1231

During the 12th century the works of Aristotle had become available to Christian scholars by way of translations of his works and commentaries into Latin from Arabic and Greek. The works addressed a number of issues and problems that cobcerned 13th century scholars, however they also conflicted with the Platonic philosophy that had been incorporated into Christian theology. The central problems being the idea that the cosmos was eternal that it had not been created, and also that there was an unchanging cause and effect which left no room for miracles. In 1210 a council of bishops in Paris forbade the teaching of Aristotle's natural philosophy.

In 1231 Pope Gregory IX reiterated the 1210 ban on the reading of Aristotle's books at the Univerisity of Paris until they had "been examined and purged of all suspected error."