Papacy of Clement IV begins 1265

walwyn Tue, 05/19/2015 - 08:45
Thursday, February 5, 1265

Following the death of Pope Urban IV on the 2nd of October 1264, Gui Foucois, was elected Pope Clement IV, and took office on the 5th of February 1265.

Gui Foucois had been a counselor and secretary to Louis IX of France. In 1256 following the death of his wife he was ordained into the preisthopod. A year later in 1257 he was elected bishop of Le Pu, and two year later became archbishop of Narbonne. He was made a cardinal bishop of Sabina in the consistory of December 17, 1261 by Pope Urban IV.

In 1263, he was named legate in England, Wales and Ireland, and was in England when elected Pope.