Henry II of England dies 1189

walwyn Sun, 07/31/2011 - 14:40
Thursday, July 6, 1189

Henry II of England dies at Chinon on the 6th of July 1189.1 His eldest surviving son Richard Cœur de Lion had recently allied with Philip II of France to invade Anjou and force Henry to submit to Philip.2


Henry's illegitimate son Geoffrey was the only one of his children that was with him at his deathbed. Henry had said in 1173 that his legitimate sons were the real bastards.3 Richard, having refused to believe reports that his father was near death, was sent the news that Henry had died by William Marshal.4. When Richard arrived, on the 10h of July, Henry's body was laid in state at Fontevraud Abbey.5 Henry was succeeded by Richard I.