Battle of Bouvines 1214

walwyn Tue, 07/26/2011 - 08:09
Sunday, July 27, 1214

Phillip II of France defeats the Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV east of Bouvines on the 27th of July 1214. The war between the two sides had lasted twelve years, and in 1212 his uncle, John of England in an attempt to win back his Angevin and Normandy lands, made an alliance with him. The defeat of Otto at the Battle of Bouvines ended John's hopes of recovering the Plantagenet Empire created by his father Henry II.

Back in England the baron's discontent at the loss of their lands in Normandy was a factor in the rebellion of 1215 which led to John signing the Magna Carta. Otto was forced to abdicate as Holy Roman Emperor following his loss of Aachen and Cologne.