Chancel Windows - Tewkesbury Abbey

walwyn Wed, 06/15/2011 - 00:44
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Donor panel medieval stained glass tewkesbury abbey


The stained glass windows in the chancel of Tewkesbury Abbey are all from between 1338 and 1340. They were most probably a gift to the Abbey by Eleanor Despenser (nee de Clare) the wife of Hugh Despenser the Younger. Eleanor is thought to be the person depicted in the panel here.


There are seven windows in the chancel array, a central window depicting the Last Judgement, and with the Coronation of the Virgin the rose window above it, and a further three windows on either side of the chancel. The Two windows on either side of the Last Judgement depict King Solomon and four prophets, and King Rehoboam and four prophets. The two windows further away show King David and King Abijah.


The outermost windows are images of the founder of Tewkesbury abbey and his descendent along with the de Clare ancestors. These knights provide a lineage for the donor Eleanor, just as the other kings and prophets provide a lineage for Christ.