Childhood of Christ

walwyn Tue, 09/25/2012 - 21:17
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Medieval stained glass Childhood of Christ


This window (c1260), in the apse of Tours cathedral, contains sixteen scenes from the Annunciation to the Flight into Egypt. At the top of window the left panel depicts the flight into Egypt, whilst the right hand panel shows idols falling before the "Son of God". The two panels below this is depicted Herod ordering the "Massacre of the Innocents". Below this the two panels show the Magi being warned not to return to Herod, and their departure by sea. Underneath these are two panels illustrating the presentation in the temple, with Joseph and the prophetess Ann in the left hand panel, and Mary and Simeon declaring Jesus the saviour of the world in the right panel.


Below the temple scenes the two panels represent the Adoration of the Magi. These image are above the two panels that show the Magi travelling from the East and meeting with Herod. The next two panels depict the Nativity with Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in a stable, and the Annunciation of the birth to the shepherds. The two panels at the base of the window depict the Annunciation and the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth.



Medieval stained glass, Massacre of the Innocents


Medieval stained glass, Magi warned, and depart by sea


Medieval stained glass, Presentation in the Temple


Medieval stained glass, Adoration of the Magi


Medieval stained glass, Epiphany


Medieval stained glass, Nativity


Medieval stained glass, Annunciation and Visitation