Anup Talao and Pavilion

walwyn Sun, 05/01/2011 - 23:52
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Anup Talap


Completed in 1576, the Anup Talao, or peerless pool, is in the Mahal-i Khass courtyard near to the Khwabgah (Royal apartments). Made of red sandstone this square water tank, has four bridges that lead over the water to a central platform surrounded by a jali balustrade.


The water tank was part of a system of tanks and canals used to cool the area around the Royal apartments. The central platform once contained a raised seat covered by a pavilion.


After Fatehpur Sikri was abandoned the drainage fell into disrepair and the water level in the pool rose, and there were a number of reported drownings. The pool was eventually filled in with mud and debris but cleared out and restored by Lord Curzon in the early twentieth century.


Anup Talap Pavilion Fatehpur Sikri Mughal Architecture


The Pavilion situated to the North east of the Anup Talao is also known as the "Pavilion of the Turkish Sultana" it is highly ornamented and is thought to have been the bedchamber of one of Akbar's wives. However, its exact use is debated, with some sugesting that it may have been used as a library or study.