Treaty of Goulet 1200

Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 05/19/2015 - 02:45
Monday, May 22, 1200

The Treaty of Goulet was signed by Kings John of England and King Philip II of France. John's accession to the English throne was disputed by his nephew Arhur of Brittany the son of Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany. Philip supported Arthur and invaded Normandy and Maine. However, Philip razed the castle of Ballon and William des Roches who was commander of the Breton forces claimed it was part of his jurisdiction. Philip rejected his complaint and William opened negotiation with John for a settlement with Arthur. Philip having been abandoned by his allies was in no mood to  continue the conflict1 and John need a respite so that he could secure his position.2

The treat was concluded at Le Goulet an island on the Seine near Vernon. With the payment of 20,000 marks John was recognised by Philip as Richard I heir to all his continental estates, though he surrendered parts of Normandy captured by the counts of Boulogne and Flanders, Philip also gained other teritories, John's relationships with his own vassels was prescibed, and the Channel Islands were separated from Normandy.34