Index of Tudor Effigy entries.

Children and Monuments from the late medieval period to the 17th century.

Monuments or memorials to children in English churches were extremely rare until the late 18th and early 19th century. In the 16th century one can find the occassional child tomb amongst the aristocracy, such as that of the The Noble Impe at St Mary's Warwick, but otherwise children do not appear to have warranted memorials in their own right.

Prior Moore - Worcester Cathedral

Situated behind the main altar in Worcester cathedral this effigy is said be that of William Moore (1518-1536), the prior of the Benedictine Priory of St Mary's Worcester.

Knightley Tomb, Fawsley - Northamptonshire

Alabaster freestanding tomb to Sir Richard Knightley, northamptonshire
Freestanding tomb to Sir Richard Knightley (d1534) and his wife Jane Skenard.

Abbot John Chambers - Peterborough Cathedral

Effigy of John Chambers (d1556) last abbot and first bishop of Peterborough. Described in the 17th century as being exquisitely carved, with a mitre and robe, and feet resting on a lion, this effigy was mutilated during the English Civil War.

Thomas Cave Tomb - Stanford-on-Avon, Northamptonshire

Thomas Cave Tomb
Alabaster free standing tomb to Thomas Cave (c1558).

Andrews Tomb, Church Charwelton - Northamptonshire

Tomb of Sir Thomas Andrews (d1564) and his two wives, Katherine and Mary.

Effigy of Sir Michael Poulteney - Misterton, Leicestershire

Alabaster tomb effigy of Sir Michael Poulteney (d1567).

John Shirley Tomb - Breedon-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire

John Shirley Tomb
Tomb of John Shirely (d1570), a knight in armour with sword, and feet resting on a lion.

Robert Steward Monument - Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire

Robert Steward monument
Monument to Robert Steward (d1570) was an ancestor of Oliver Cromwell. The recumbent effigy wears armour with bogus heraldry.

Francis Shirley Tomb - Breedon-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire

Tomb of Francis Shirley
Tomb of Francis Shirley of Staunton Harold (d1571), and his wife Dorothy.