Pope Pelagius II dies 590

walwyn Sun, 03/24/2013 - 16:43
Sunday, February 7, 0590

Pelagius II died in Rome on the 7th of February 590, and was succeeded by Pope Gregory the Great. The papacy of Pelagius was mostly dominated by the Lombard invasion of the Italian peninsular.1

In 584 the Emperor Maurice sent a new official to Italy with the title of exarch to combined civil and military authority over the whole peninsula. However, he did not have sufficient military strength, the Lombards were bought off, and help was sort from the Franks, who themselves were bribed by the Lombards.1

After a truce was arranged with the Lombards and Pelagius turned is attention to settling the schism caused by the condemnation of the Three Chapters by Vigilius.1

He also promoted Pope Leo's concept of celibacy amongst the clergy and formulated a constitution, in 588, regarding subdeacons in Sicily who had previously ignored the doctrine, as indeed they ignored Pelagius' Constitution. Pope Gregory the Great repealed the Constitution of Pelagius in 591.2