The Last Judgement and Hell - Pisa

walwyn dim, 10/13/2019 - 22:24
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Attributed to Buonamico Buffalmacco1 this depiction of the Last Judgement is 6.0 x 8.6 meters in size and was commissioned by the Dominican friars in the Camposanto of Pisa.2



At the top centre Christ sits in Judgement within a mandorla, to his right sits the Virgin Mary also within a mandorla. Both are seated on a rainbow. Below them angels blow trumpets heralding the final judgement.


Here St Michael is pointing to the right where the saved stand his sword holds back those that are damned. Also in this section angels are also pushing back the damned, whilst an angel in the foreground leads someone to those that are saved, the central figure of St Michael seems to point the way.


To the left and right of Christ and the Virgin are the twelve apostle.




To the right of Christ are those that are to be saved, whilst on his left are the damned. The wall to the left of the main fresco has a depiction of hell.