Crucifixion Frescoes by Fra Angelico - Cells San Marco Florence

walwyn lun, 10/14/2019 - 20:07
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Crucifixion frescoes by Fra Angelico in the monk cells at the Dominican monastery of San Marco in Florence. These images are mainly in the cells for novices and were painted between 1438 and 1443 by Fra Angelico and his apprentices.

The above image is in cell 29 and shows the Virgin Mary and Peter of Verona.


The cells used by the novices were all larger than that occupied by the Fathers. The frescoes in these cells all depict St Dominic in different poses praying at the foot of the cross. Each attitude represents a method of prayer dictated by St Dominic.













This later image was painted at the peek of Fra Angelico's artistic development and the figures resemble those of the larger crucifixion painting in the chapter house.