Cardinal Jean de la Grange Effigy - Amiens Cathedral, France

walwyn Wed, 09/08/2010 - 20:51
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Cardinal Jean de la Grange Amiens France Tomb Effigy


In his will Cardinal Jean de la Grange (d1402) stipulated that his body was to be separated. His flesh to remain in Avignon, his bones to be taken to Amiens Cathedral, and placed in a monument that he had commissioned in Paris.


He was made Bishop of Amiens in 1373, and later became a councillor to the French Pope Gregory XI, who moved the papacy back to Rome. When Gregory died in 1378 an Italian Pope Urban VI was elected. In protest with other French Cardinals Jean de la Grange elected a rival Pope Clement VII and convinced King Charles V to support this new pope. Urban VI considered him to be one of the cardinals who had the most responsibility for the schism.


The effigy in white marble, was originally placed to the left of the high altar, now lies on a white stone base from the monument of bishop Arnoul de le Pierre (d1247). Above the effigy is the mausoleum to canon Guilain Lucas (d1628).


Cardinal Jean de la Grange Amiens France Tomb Effigy


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