Rebecca - Palantine Chapel, Palermo

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01/1160 to 12/1170
Fri, 09/16/2016 - 14:46 - Rebecca at the well - Palantine Chapel, Palermo, Sicily 16/09/2016

This image (dating froim 1160-1170) shows Rebecca at the well and leaving Caanan to marry Isaac.


Rather than choosing a Cannanite girl, Abraham sent his servant, Eliezer of Damascus, to find a suitable bride for Isaac amongst Abraham's family living in the region of Aram Naharaim (now southeastern Turkey) where Abraham was born.

According to Genesis 24:14 Eliezer having decided that


May it be that when I say to a young woman, 'Please let down your jar that I may have a drink,' and she says, 'Drink, and I'll water your camels too'-let her be the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac. By this I will know that you have shown kindness to my master.


a young girl came to the well and offered to draw water for him, his men, and their camels. Rebecca's family accepted the marriage proposal, but suggested that she stayed with them until she was older. However, Rebecca wanted to leave immediately and the family agreed to send her to Caanan with her nurse Deborah.