Lobin Studios

walwyn Sat, 02/18/2012 - 18:33

Lobin studios operated from 35 rue des Ursulines in Tour at between 1853 and 1892. The family business was started by Julien Léopold Lobin(1814-1864), and run by his son Lucien Léopold Lobin (1837-1892) after 1864. The company also worked with other glass makers including a long relationship with Jean-Prosper Florence.
Specialising mainly in images of saints, the company obtained a number of important commissions including the choir of Orleans Cathedral, and also exported works ouside of France.
The image to the right is of St Teresa and St John of the Cross at Orleans Cathedral.


There are three stained glass windows by Lobin and one by Lobin & Florence at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church at Randwick, Sydney. I will take photos for your website and email them to you next week.

Thank you. It would be nice to have examples of work that this studio exported. Any information that you can obtain about the panels would also be appreciated.

Exciting news! When I went back to the church yesterday I discovered there are at least 15 painted glass panels from the Lobin Studios. My initial interest in the windows was in the people who donated them, so I did not see the extra ones without any donors names. The church was built in 1888. I'm not sure if it was done by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, a French order of priests who are still based there. Photos to come.

I'm trying to see how to upload photos. I thought there was a special box to tick beneath the last message I sent. There are five by Lobin in front left vestibule: 1. Guardian Angel & children; 2. Adam & Eve in Garden of Eden; 3. Bishop, possibly St Patrick, holding a three-leafed shamrock; 4. Jesus preaching with his Apostles?; 5. John the Baptist.
There are another nine inside the church on left side: 7. Child Jesus teaching in Temple (Lobin/Florence); 8. Flight into Egypt (L); 9. Nativity & Three Wise Men (L); 10. Nativity (L); 11. Annunciation (L); 12. Marriage of Mary & Joseph (L); 13. Presentation of Child Jesus in Temple (L); 16 & 17 The Sacred Heart.
I'll try to work out how to attach pix of these before moving on to the other side of the church.