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Fathingstone – St Mary the Virgin

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Exterior view Sun dial

St Mary the Virgin at Fathingstone is a late C13 church that was extensively restored in 1852, 1872; and 1924-28 by Talbot Brown & Fisher.

Font pulpit

The north part of the church contains a plain octaganal tub font.

Poppy-head Poppy-head Poppy-head
Poppy-head Poppy-head Poppy-head

Whilst the body of nave contains mid C19 pews with carved poppy-heads.

East window

The east window shows the subject of Jesus raising the widows son and is the only glass in the church that is not a memorial to the Agnew family.

Flora St Dorothy

Two of the other windows were designed by John Henry Dearle for the William Morris company. The first (Flora after Burne-Jones) is dedicated to Christine Elaine. The second (St Dorothy) is dedicated to Enid Jocelyn.

Stained glass Stained glass

The fibal two windows are dedicated to male members of the Agnew family. The first is dedicated to Ewan Siegfried Agnew Lieut. 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers who died in 1930 due to illness contracted during WW1. The second is dedicated to Michael David Agnew Evans, Lieut. Royal Horse Guards who died in Syria in 1942.

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