exterior south view decorated style window traceryInterior facing chancel

Early C14 church with decorated style window tracery, with perpendicular piers is a Grade II* Listed Building. To the left and right of the chancel arch are plaques listing the ten commandents at the arches apex is an Agnus Dei.

C14 hexagonal font Detail C14 hexagonal fontMonument to Sir Wolstan Dixie

Much restored in the C19 the open work wooden chancel screen is victorian and richly carved donated by Mary Bowers mother of the rector Rev Percy Bowers who also donatred the alter reredos. The font is also C14 hexagonal with with shields under arches. The wall monument in the north aisle is a white sarcophagus tablet dedicated to Sir Wolstan Dixie d.1767 was made by Benjamin and Robert Shout in 1807.

In the chancel is a monument to the Rev John Dixie (d1719) with a reeclining female figure representing his sister Margaret.

East window by KempeSouth aisle window by Kempe

The undated east window is by Kempe as is the south aisle window dated (1904) in memory of Florence Georgina Holden.

statue st paul oak reredos statue st peter

The oak reredos behind the alter was donated by Mary Bowers in 1895. Behind the alter are statues of St Paul and St Peter.

Good Samaritan Supper at Emmaus

Other than the Good Samaritan window of 1856, the other stained glass windows are 20th century including the “Supper at Emmaus” in the south aisle east window.

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Exterior of Kikby Mallory church Ada Lovelace Memorial

The church of Kirkby Mallory in Leicestershire is early C14 the churchyard is a monument to Ada Lovelace the daughter of Lord Byron and contributor to Charles Babbage’s work on the Difference Engine. Ada is reputed to be the first ‘computer’ programmer.

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Cold Ashby – St. Denys.

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St Denys. Cold Ashby Nave and Chancel Chancel

The parish church of St Denys in Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire, has a simple plan, consisting of a west tower, nave and chancel. There are no aisles, transepts, although there is a clerestory. The church was mostly built between the 12th and 14th centuries, of ashlar block from the local Lias stone, and was restored in the 1840s.

Font Font Carved head

The Perpendicular style font has craved flower motifs on the underside of the bowl.

Stained glass memorial Memorial to Emily Bateman Stained glass memorial

The vicar, Gregory Bateman, in the 19th century carried out a number of improvements in the church, including the High Victorian style Lych Gate of 1883, and the church contains a number of monuments including stained glass to him and his wife. The stained glass dedicated to him shows him preaching in the church, and welcoming the parishioners at the Lynch Gate.

cold ashby 15 Markham and Castle Wickes Monument

There is another wall monument to Gregory Bateman, and two other late 18th century monuments, an oval monument to Elizabeth Castle and Elizabeth Markham, and another monument to Alice Wickes.

Sundial Scratch dial

The outside south wall of the church contains a sundial and the remains of a medieval scratch dial.

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avon dassett victorian catholic church avon dassett victorian catholic church

Completed in 1854, this Catholic Church dedicated to St. Joseph, was built in the Early English style by Pugin’s master builder George Myers.

West window - Avon Dassett  John Hardman stained glass East window - Avon Dassett  John Hardman stained glass Lady Chapel  - Annunciation and Assumption John Hardman stained glass

The church contains many early stained glass works by John Hardman. Hardman was present at the church’s opening and sang with a part of the St Chad choir from Birmingham. Both the west window contain a crucifixion scenes, and has the Virgin Mary and St John the Evangelist in the lancets to the left and right. The east window window has a central figure of Christ, within a vesica piscis, who is sat on a rainbow that is above New Jerusalem. A number of Seraphim make up the ruby red background of the mandorla. On the left the Virgin Mary is holding a lily that symbolizes the Annunciation, and in the right window St Joseph is holding a flowering rod. In the Lady Chapel the two donor figures at the bottom of the lancet windows s are St. Aloysius Gonzaga, and St Helen. This window is dedicated to Thomas Aloysius Perry and his wife Helen (who was the niece of the church’s founder Joseph Knight.

St George Avon Dassett John Hardman stained glass Avon Dassett John Hardman stained glass Avon Dassett John Hardman stained glass Avon Dassett John Hardman stained glass Avon Dassett John Hardman stained glass

THe nave windows are all dedicated to the donors, including the “Death of St Joseph” which is dedicated to the church Founder who died sixteen days after the church was opened in January 1855.

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twycross - holy trinity church Twycross - Holy Trinity church

The Twycross parish chuch of St James, dates from the 14th century with a 15th century tower. The church was restored in 1840 and presented with a number of stained glass panels that had originally come from Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, Saint-Denis near Paris, Le Mans cathederal, and Saint-Julien-du-Sault in Burgundy.

Armorial stained glass willement twycross twycross lord howe memorial Armorial stained glass willement twycross

The church was restored in the 1840s and contains architectural memorials to Lord Howe who sponsored the restoration, and early Victorian armourial stained glass, by Thomas Willement, showing the arms of Queen Adelaide with the 21 German States, and on the south side is a large window with a the arms of the Curzon family as a central piece.

Medieval french stained glass  East window - Twycross East window - Twycross Medieval french stained glass  East window - Twycross

The stained glass in the East window is early French and was originally presented to King William IV who then gave to Lord Howe.

Medieval french stained glass  East window - Twycross St Chapelle stained glass panel

Following the French Revolution French churches lost a lot of their original stained glass. Some of it was smashed, whilst other bits were sold off. The two panels above were original in Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, which lost a third of its glass.

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