Index of Saints themes.

  • Gabriel

    Archangel that told Mary that she was to bear the son of God.

  • Joan-of-Arc

    French girl that has become a National Heroine in France. She raised the siege at Orleans and other battles during the later part of the hundred years war, which led to the coronation of Charles VII of France.

  • John-the-Baptist

    A relative of Jesus and considered by Christians to be the precursor of Jesus. John led a movement of Baptism in the Jordan and is reputed to have baptised Jesus. He was killed by beheading after he had condemned Herod for marrying his brother's wife.

    See the "Golden Legend" for the medieval story of the birth and death of John the Baptist.

  • Martha

    Sister of Mary Magdalene and Lazarus, from Bethany, a small village two miles from Jerusalem. Often shown sprinkling holy water, a dragon at her feet, and in the presence of her siblings.

  • Mary-Magdalene

    Mary was one of Jesus' follows in Galilee, healed of seven devils, she was present at the crucifixion, was the person to find the tomb empty, was the first person whom Jesus appeared to and given the task of announcing his Resurrection.

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Mary Magdalene.

  • Mary-of-Clopas

    Sister-in-Law of the Virgin Mary. One of the three women, along with the Mary Magadalen, and the Virgin Mary present at the Crucifixion, and entombment of Jesus.

  • Raphael

    An archangel whose name means "God heals". In the book of Tobit Raphael is the protector of Tobias during his journey to find a cure for Tobit's blindness.

  • Saint-Agnes

    3rd century martyr who at the age of 12 or 13 refused to marry the son of the Prefect of Rome, and refused to sacrifice to the Roman gods. Accordingly she was striped and sent to a brothel but escaped being raped by miraculous means. Killed by a sword when the fire she was to have been burnt on didn't burn.

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Agnes.

  • Saint-Aidan

    Saint Aidan was the first bishop of Lindisfarne. He is credited with restoring Christianity to England.

  • Saint-Alban

    St Alban was a pagan who sheltered a Christian priest from persecution, and subsequently converted to Christianity. He then dressed in the priests clothes and gave himself up in the place of the priest. He has executed on a hill above the town of St Albans.

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Alban.

  • Saint-Albinus-of-Angers

    Saint Aubinus (Aubin) was a 6th century French Bishop of Angers, who was born in Brittany. He campaigned against marriages between close family members amongst the aristocracy. According to tradition he paid for the release of captives held by pirates, and for the release of prisoners.

  • Saint-Ambrose

    Late 4th century opponent of Arianism was Archbishop of Milan from 375 to 397

  • Saint-Andrew

    One of the apostles and disciple of Jesus. The brother of St Peter. Founder and first bishop of the church of Byzantium.

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Andrew.

  • Saint-Anne

    Mother of the Virgin Mary. Often shown teaching the child Mary to read, otherwise she is depicted as a grandmother figure with a young Mary and an infant Jesus.

  • Saint-Anthony-of-Padua

    Born in Portugal in 1195 Anthony became a Franciscan friar, noted for his preaching and knowledge of the bible. He died in Padua in 1231 and was canonized by Pope Gregory IX a year later.

    Anthony of Padua is often depicted in art with an open book on which the Christ child appears.

  • Saint-Augustine
  • Saint-Barbara

    Mythical 3rd century figure who was tortured during the day but whose wounds healed over night and was eventually beheaded by her father.

  • Saint-Barnabas

    Although he was not one of the original twelve Barnabas is considered, because of his preaching, to be one of the apostles of Jesus.

  • Saint-Bartholomew
  • Saint-Benedict

    6th century founder of the monastry at Monte Cassino in 529, the rule he established there became the norm for monastic living throughout Europe.

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Saint Benedict.

  • Saint-Bernard-of-Clairvaux

    12th century founder and abbot of the abbey of Clairvaux. A supporter of the cult of the Virgin but not of the Immaculate Conception. Promoted the cause of a failed Second Crusade (1147–49).

  • Saint-Blaise
  • Saint-Catherine-of-Alexandria

    According to tradition, a Christian saint who was martyred in the early 4th century by the emperor Maxentius, who condemned Catherine to death on a spiked wheel.

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of [no-glossary]St Catherine[/no-glossary].

  • Saint-Christopher

    A 3rd century saint whose name derives from the Latin for "Christ bearer". The legend of St Christopher being that he offered to carry tracellers across a river. One day when carrying a small child the child became heavier and heavier, who revealed himself to be Christ who carried the weight of the world.

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of [no-glossary]St Christopher[/no-glossary].

  • Saint-Clement

    The fourth Pope and one of the Apostolic Fathers, who is thought to have been ordained by St Peter.

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Pope Clement.

  • Saint-Denis

    A Christian Martyr of the 3rd century who is said to have walked 6 miles after his head had been cut off.

  • Saint-Dominic
  • Saint-Dorothy

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Dorothy.

  • Saint-Elizabeth

    The mother of John the Baptist, and a relative of the Virgin Mary.

  • Saint-Elizabeth-of-Hungary

    Daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary, Elizabeth was born in 1207, and in 1221, at the age of 14 was married to the 21 year old Ludwig IV of Thuringia. Ludwig died of a fever in 1227, and Elizabeth spent the rest of her life giving money to the poor and building hospitals.

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Elizabeth.

  • Saint-Eustace

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Eustace.

  • Saint-Firmin

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Firmin.

  • Saint-Foy

    A young girl of 12, who is supposed to have been martyred during the 3rd century. Legend is that she she was to have been burnt on a hot griddle, but that a dove extinguished the flames and she was beheaded instead.

  • Saint-Francis-of-Assisi

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of Frances of Assisi.

  • Saint-Genevieve

    A 5th century French saint who is reputed to have saved Paris from Attila the Hun, and to have later convinced Childeric I to release his prisoners.

    See "The Golden Legend?" for the medieval life of Genevieve.

  • Saint-George

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of St George.

  • Saint-Gervase

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of St Gervase.

  • Saint-Gregory

    Gregory I (540-604), was pope from 590 until his death. He is known for his prolific writings and for revising the worship of the western Christian church. He was canonized immediately after his death and he is the patron saint of musicians, singers, students, and teachers.

  • Saint-Helen

    Mother of the Emperor Constantine, and reputed to have discovered the relics of the True Cross.

  • Saint-James

    See "The Golden Legend" for the medieval life of St James.