Index of People themes.

  • Abraham
  • Cain-and-Abel
  • Hannah

    Hannah was the mother of Samuel.

  • Isaac

    One of the tree Israelite patriarchs. He was the son of Abraham and Sarah, the father of Jacob and Esau.

  • Jacob

    The son of Isaac and Rebekah, the grandson of Abraham, and the twin brother of Esau.

  • Jeremiah

    Considered a prophet by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Tradition is that Jeremiah is author of the old testament books of Jeremiah, Kings, and Lamentations.

  • Joseph

    Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob, who's brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt.

  • Judas
  • Judith

    Considered the Mother of Israel, the story of Judith is included in the Old Testament of Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Judith is supposed to have defeated the army of Nebuchadrezzar that was besieging the city of Bethulia, by gaining the trust of the general Holofernes and then cutting off his head whilst he was drunk. With their general dead the Babylonian army fled from the city.

  • King-David
  • Moses

    A legendary figure who is supposed to have lead the Israelites from Egypt into Canaan, and received the Ten Commandments from God.

  • Noah

    The last of the antediluvian patriachs. Noah was instructed to build an ark in order to save all the animals and his family from a flood.

  • Rachel

    Daughter of Laban and Jacob's first wife.

  • Rebecca

    Wife of Isaac, and mother of Jacob and Esau.

  • Sarah
  • Saul

    The first King of Israel anointed by the prophet Samuel.

  • Simeon

    According to the Gospel of St Luke when Jesus was presented to the temple Simeon who had received a promise that we would not die before he had seen the Messiah, took Jesus into his arms and called him a Light to the World.

  • Solomon

    King of Israel and builder of the first temple in Jerusalem, and noted for his wisdom.

  • Tobias

    Son of Toby and Anna. Sent to recover money from Media. Accompanied by his dog, he meets with the archangel Raphael, marries Sarah, and finds a cure for Toby's blindness.

  • Zechariah

    Zechariah was a priest in temple in Jerusalem who performed the incense offering. He was married to St Elizabeth and the father of John the Baptist.