Saint Lubin

walwyn Mon, 03/12/2012 - 22:04
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medieval stained glass chartres saint lubin


Saint Lubin, or Leobinus was a peasant child who by studying rose to become a 6th century bishop of Chartres. This window from the early 13th century depicts events in his life, and was donated to the cathedral by the Winesellers and innkeepers of the town of Chartres, who consider Lubin to be their patron saint.


The panels above this, on the left and right show a group of townsmen and priests watching a horsemen riding away. The significance of this scene in the life of Lubin is unknown. Above this scene is a roundel that shows wine being transported in barrels. The wine theme occurs throughout the window, particularly in the borders, where various aspects of the cultivation of wine is illustrated.


The two panels below the roundel depict Lubin's early peasant life. The left panel shows him as a shepherd outside the city, whilst the right panel again shows him as a shepherd but with a monk on horseback giving him a belt upon which is part of the alphabet. The panel above this shows two shepherds, Lubin who is studying and a companion who is drinking wine from a cup. The left hand panel shows that Lubin has entered a school with monks and is continuing to read and write.


medieval stained glass chartres saint lubin


The bottom two panels in this section of the window illustrate Lubin having entered into a monastery, where he continued to study, until he was advised to visit other monasteries to learn new things. The lower roundel shows a monk drawing wine from a barrel and continuing the theme the upper roundel shows the wine being used in the mass.


Above the lower roundel are two panels showing Lubin arriving and leaving different monasteries. Whilst the panels below the upper roundel Lubin is depicted meeting Saint Avitus and being made a bishop.


medieval stained glass chartres saint lubin


At the apex of the window is a roundel depicting Christ in Majesty. The four roundels in this window all reference wine from its transportation to it use in the mass as the blood of Christ.


Below the roundel are panels telling the story of how Saint Lubin blessed some water and with it exorcised a house of demons. Witnesses to the miracle stand on the left. In the center right panel Lubin sets off on horseback to visit his congregation. The panel in the centre left of the window shows Saint Avitus giving Lubin a key, and this is thought to refer to Lubin being the cellar keeper when he was a monk. On the right Lubin as bishop is seen leaving on a horse to attend to the church matters. This may well have resonance with the horsemen riding away at the base of the window.