Polychrome Reliefs Telling The Story of St. James the Greater - Amiens

walwyn Thu, 08/05/2010 - 21:59
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Philetus listens to St. James Amiens Cathedral


Made in 1511 these four polychromatic scenes are mounted in the west wall of the south transept of Amiens Cathedral. They tell the story of St James the Greater's conversion of Philetus and Hermogenes to Christianity.


Philatus is sent by the enchanter Hermogenes to confound Saint James and prove his teaching to be false, but ends up listening to James preach.


Philetus cast under a Spell, Amiens Cathedral


When he returns he tells Hermogenes that he wants to become a disciple of St. James and advises Hermogenes to do likewise. In anger Herogenes casts a spell on Philetus so that he couldn't move. Philetus's child then goes to St. James who send Philetus a kerchief which unbinds him from the spell of Hermogenes.


Devils Bind  Hermogenes


In response Hermogenes summons devils to bind and fetch St. James. However, James turns the devils so that instead they bind and fetch Hermogenes to St. James.


Hermogenes  Bound


When Hermogenes is brought to St. James he is unbound and converted to Christianity.