Middleton Cheney

walwyn Mon, 06/15/2009 - 19:21
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Morris and Co stained glass,Middleton Cheney

What makes All Saints Middleton Cheney special is the stained glass work by Morris & co. The East window memorial to William Croome (d1865) was designed by the company 1864. The figures below the tracery lights represents the twelve tribes of the Apolcalypse. Below are representations off Adam, Noah, David, Isiah, St Peter, St. Paul, St Augustine, St Catherine, Abraham, Moses, Eve, the Virgin, Magdalene, and St Agnes.

The Censing Angels, Seraphim, St Peter, St Augustine, St Catherine, Eve, the Virgin, Mary Magdalene, and St Agnes are by William Morris.

The four beasts, and the banners are by Philip Webb. The Adoration of the Lamb and St Alban are by Burne-Jones. St John and St Paul by Ford Madox Brown. The twelve tribes, David, Isiah, Abraham, and Moses by Simeon Solomon.