Gilbert de Clare, 5th earl of Gloucester

walwyn Fri, 02/10/2012 - 19:43
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Gilbert I de Clare, Medieval knight, stained glass


Gilbert de Clare, 5th earl of Gloucester, and his father Richard de Clare, were among the 25 barons who pledged to enforce the provisions of the Magna Carta, as a result both were excommunicated by Pope Innocent III.1 During the first baron's war Gilbert first sided with Prince Louis of France, but after the Battle of Lincoln, he changed sides and joined his father-in-law William Marshall,2 supporting the young Henry III as king.  In 1225 he was also present when Henry, having reach the age of majority, was called upon to confirm the Charter.3 He was the first of the de Clare family to by buried in the chancel of Tewkesbury Abbey.