Index of Tudor Tomb

'Wakeham' Cenotaph - Tewkesbury Abbey

Attributed to John Wakeham (d1549), the last abbot of Tewkesbury, the 'Wakeham' Cenotaph, actually mid fifteenth century and pre-dates the abbot by about 100 years. The effigy is a gisant as a decomposing corpse and the canopy was modelled on the throne of the House of Lords.

Arthur Tudor Tomb and Chantry Chapel - Worcester cathedral

This chantry chapel to Arthur Tudor, covered in tracery and sculptures, was built in 1504. The chest tomb of the 15 year old Prince fills the chapel.




Prior Moore - Worcester Cathedral

Situated behind the main altar in Worcester cathedral this effigy is said be that of William Moore (1518-1536), the prior of the Benedictine Priory of St Mary's Worcester.


Knightley Tomb, Fawsley - Northamptonshire

Alabaster freestanding tomb to Sir Richard Knightley, northamptonshire




Freestanding tomb to Sir Richard Knightley (d1534) and his wife Jane Skenard.


Abbot John Chambers - Peterborough Cathedral

Effigy of John Chambers (d1556) last abbot and first bishop of Peterborough. Described in the 17th century as being exquisitely carved, with a mitre and robe, and feet resting on a lion, this effigy was mutilated during the English Civil War.


Andrews Tomb, Church Charwelton - Northamptonshire


Tomb of Sir Thomas Andrews (d1564) and his two wives, Katherine and Mary.




Denton family tomb - Hereford Cathedral

This alabaster monument to Alexander Denton and his wife Anne (nee Willison), dates from about 1566. Anne his wife and the child by her side are the only ones that are buried here.