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Bourges Cathedral Stained Glass

The Cathedral of St Stephen, Bourges contains a large number of medieval and renaissance stained glass. The glass panels date from 1210 - 1620 and represents Saints, Apostles, Prophets, and Bible stories.


The above rose window in the west of the church was built in the last part of 14th century.

The Last Judgement and Hell - Pisa


Attributed to Buonamico Buffalmacco this depiction of the Last Judgement, in the Camposanto of Pisa, was created between 1345-1340.



Last Judgement and Doom

A common subject painted in medieval churches where scenes of the "Last Judgment" or "Doom". Often they would be painted above the chancel arch. A central figure of risen Christ with the instruments of the passion would be painted, or a crucifixion with the Virgin Mary and St John the Evangelist.


Crucifixion Frescoes by Fra Angelico - Cells San Marco Florence

Crucifixion frescoes by Fra Angelico in the monk cells at San Marco monastery in Florence. These images are mainly in the cells for novices and were painted between 1438 and 1443 by Fra Angelico and his apprentices.

Tomb of Agnes Sorel - Loches, France



Agnès Sorel (d1450) was the mistress of King Charles VII of France to whom she gave birth to three daughters to Charles VII.

Tree of Jesse - Lady Chapel Evreux



This stained glass window in the Lady Chapel of Evreux Cathedral was a given to the cathedral by King Louis XI of France between 1467 and 1469.



Rouen France


These pages document medieval stained glass in the churches of Rouen.

Beauvais - France

Some of the 16th century and earlier stained glass that can be found in Beauvais France. In particular the works of the le Prince family in Beauvais Cathedral and the parish church of St Ettiene.


Effigy of Donna Maria de Perea - Toledo, Spain

Effigy of Donna Maria de Perea



Effigy of Donna Maria de Perea wearing a simple dress and with rosary in her hands.