Index of Medieval Stained Glass entries.

Evreux - France

There are two churches in the town of Evreux that contain extensive amounts of medieval stained glass a) the cathedral of Notre-Dame, and b) the abbey church of Saint-Taurin.

Evreux Cathedral

Medieval stained glass at Evreux Cathedral.



The following pages catalogue examples of stained from different historic periods prior to the Nineteenth century. This will include Medieval (pre 1500), Tudor (1485-1603), and then from James I through to the beginning of the Nineteenth century.




Glass panels from Saint-Denis

"Presentation in the Temple" panel originally from Saint-Denis near Paris (c1145).

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral has some of the most beautiful medieval stained glass windows to have survive the upheavals of the last 800 years. The earliest date from the mid 12th century, but most are from the 13th century.

Blue Virgin

Set into a 13th century window this image of the Virgin and Child (c1150) is made up of four panels. The blue halo and clothing of Mary are set against a red background.

Noah Window

This early 13th century window depicts the story of Noah, was donated to the Cathedral of Chartres by the town's carpenters, wheelwrights, and coopers.

Saint Lubin

Saint Lubin, or Leobinus, was a 6th century bishop of Chartres. This window from the early 13th century depicts events in his life, and was donated to the cathedral by the Winesellers and innkeepers of the town of Chartres.

Mary Magdalene

Depicting the events in the life of Mary of Magdalene this window, in Chartres Cathedral, is from about 1210. According to Christian tradition she was one of Jesus' follows in Galilee, healed of seven devils, was present at the crucifixion, was the person to find the tomb empty, and the first person whom Jesus appeared to and given the task of announcing his Resurrection.

Months of the Year - January to June

The left hand side of the Zodiac window at Chartres Cathedral contains the twelve months of the year. The panels here depicting January to June, were donated by count Thibault VI on behalf of Thomas of Perche.