Index of Medieval Sculpture entries.

Notre-Dame d'Amiens

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981 for the coherence of its plan, and the beauty of its three-tier interior elevation Notre-Dame d'Amiens, is the tallest completed Gothic church and largest cathedral in France. The Romanesque cathedral had been destroyed by fire in 1218, and Bishop Evrard de Fouilly employed Robert de Luzarches as the architect to build the new cathedral in the Gothic style to house the head of John the Baptist which had been bought back as a relic by Wallon de Sarton returning from Constantinople in 1206 after the 4th crusade.


William I Duke of Normandy - Rouen Cathedral.

This tomb of William I Duke of Normandy (d942) in Rouen Cathedral dates from the 14th century. The earlier burial had been in the ancient sanctuary near the end of what is now the nave.

Norman sculpture of Saint - Breedon-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire

Norman sculpture of saint
Fragment of saint giving a blessing.

Romanesque font - All Saints, West Haddon

Romanesque font West Haddon, Northamptonshire
Discovered in 1887 this C12 square bowled font has carved scenes from the life of Crist on all four sides.

Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy - Gloucester Cathedral

Robert Curthose (d1134) effigy, of painted Irish bog oak, was made about 100 years after his death.

North Portal - Bourges Cathedral

The north portal of Bourges Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Tympanum dates from between 1160 and was part of the older church the the Gothic cathedral replaced. This portal suffered a lot of damage during the Wars of Religion in 1562.

Romanesque font - St Margaret Crick

This C12 font has a circular bowl with a bead decoration which is supported by three crouching Atlas figures supporting the red sandstone bowl.

Royal Portal - Chartres Cathedral

Since its construction in around 1150, the western portal of Chartres Cathedral, decorated with elongated late Romanesque style figures of the Kings and Queens of the Old Testament has been known as the Royal Portal.

Martyrs - Chartres Cathedral

The south porch of Chartres Cathedral contains a series of sculptures, that were made between 1194 and 1230, on the subject of the martyrdom of saints.

Confessors - Chartres Cathedral

In addition to the martyrs, the south porch contains a sequence of images of those that had proclaimed Christian beliefs during periods of suppression (confessors).