Index of Georgian Sculpture

Thomas Deacon - Peterborough Cathedral




White marble monument to Thomas Deacon (d1725) and wife.




Sir Thomas Street - Worcester Cathedral



This memorial to Sir Thomas Street (d1696) is the work of the sculptor Joseph Wilton a founding member of the Royal Academy, and was made around 1774.



Sarah Morley monument - Gloucester Cathedral.



This monument by John Flaxman is to Sarah Morley (d1784) who died a few days after giving birth whilst travelling back to England from India. Both Sarah and her child were buried at sea.



Richard Solly - Worcester Cathedral



Monument to Richard Solly (d1803) by John Bacon Jr.




Col Sir Henry Walton Ellis - Worcester Cathedral


This monument placed by the officers and men of the royal Welch Fusiliers is by John Bacon Jr. It depicts Col Sir Henry Walton Ellis falling from his horse, with Victory crowning him with a Laurel wreath.



Sleeping Children - Lichfield Cathdral


Sculpted from white marble by Sir Frances Chantrey, this memorial is to the two daughters of Ellen-Jane Robinson, Ellen-Jane and Marianne.

Charlotte Botfield Monument - Norton, Northamptonshire.

Charlotte Bofield Memorial




The life size figure, by William Behnes, is that of Charlotte's son. Charlotte Botfield died in 1825.




Thomas Otway Cave - Stanford on Avon, Northamptonshire


Thomas Otway Cave (d1830) by Kessells. Relief of dying man, with woman seated on his couch, and winged genius with extinguished torch by his head.