Index of Baroque Sculpture

Cathedral Choir Screen

Above the choir screen at Chartres Cathedral are some 40 sculpted reliefs of biblical scenes, and other scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary. The scenes were sculpted by some of the best artists in France and were commissioned at different times over a 200 year period from 1510 to 1720.

Monument to Nicholas Breton - Norton, Northamptonshire.



Monument to Nicholas Breton (d1624). tablet with two cherubs. All Saints parish church. Norton, Northamptonshire.


Canon Guilain Lucas Monument - Amiens Cathedral

Monument by Nicolas Blasset, dedicated to canon Guilain Lucas. This monument contains the Weeping Angel with one hand and elbow resting on a skull that became a popular postcard during WWI.

Monument to Brian I'Anson - Ashby St. Legders, Northamptonshire




Monument to Brian I'Anson (d1634), of two kneeling figures with children below.